Mike Cohen

Mike Cohen
Young Cancer Survivor – Public Speaker

When Mike Cohen was eighteen years old, he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. In addition to his cancer he was also diagnosed with, blood clots in his lung, pneumonia and congestive heart failure. His cardiologist at the time told him he would never leave the hospital.

Seven years later to celebrate his six year cancer free anniversary, he road biked from San Diego to New York City. A total of 3,168 miles on the same leg muscles that he lost due to muscle atrophy. He’s also authored a memoir about his experience with cancer titled, Patient – Cancer Memoir of a College Student. Currently he’s pursuing a career in motivational and inspirational speaking. In 2014, Mike is scheduled to double his feat by riding around the United States.

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  • Jennifer Blake
  • Thunder Levin
  • Dr. Jessica Shepherd

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